Graphically Unmounting Disk Volumes In Fedora 13

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at
Mon May 24 13:36:18 UTC 2010

On Mon, 24 May 2010 09:04:01 -0400
Matthias Clasen wrote:

> > Does that seem sensible?  
> No. We never want to show unmount in the UI. It is just confusing and
> meaningless to the vast majority of users who rely on the UI. If you
> really need to unmount individual volumes, you can use the commandline.

"Sensible" and "gnome" do not go together at all. The gnome developers
have created an imaginary "average user" in their minds who is something
like a cave man who had to repeat "rock 101" 5 times before getting
a passing grade. Rather than trying to get "sensible" from gnome, give
this a try:

(of course it may not work much longer since it uses HAL to enumerate
devices, and HAL seems to be going obsolete).

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