yum upgarding

Adam Pribyl pribyl at lowlevel.cz
Sat Nov 6 13:03:02 UTC 2010

On Sat, 6 Nov 2010, JB wrote:

> Adam Pribyl <pribyl <at> lowlevel.cz> writes:
>> # just offers me ordinary F12 updates
> It is a pity I did not see your post earlier - we could have a pretty good
> test opportunity.

I know, but I have more systems to go (running preupgrades ATM so sorry to 
not test yum upgrades).

>> yum --releasever=14 update --skip-broken
> Well, you said you wanted F12 to F13, but you have --releasever=14. Typo (you
> copied it as an example) ?

Right, typo, sorry.

>> # just offers me ordinary F12 updates
> I think it does it correctly, proving that it is smarter than given credit for
> (I assume it updates the current system first, and then continues with
> the requested upgrade ...).
> This is a step that should be emphasized in the entire procedure - when you do
> manual upgrade, it is essential that the current system is up to date first -

Well, I do not update system right before upgrade (except yum etc.), as 
e.g. F13 is now offering 357MB updates od KDE. There is no reason to apply 
them if I am going to update right away to F14.

> I think putting "yum check-update' and 'yum update' there explicitly would make
> this point clearer.
> I suspect that some people fail with manual upgrade (via yum) because of that.

Yes, you are right. With "old way" you also have to take care of doing 
"yum clean all" right before update. It may be "yum check-update" would do 
that too.

> Anyway, congrats on your upgraded system "the old way", but next time do not
> rush, do some more debugging and be rewarded :-)
> JB

Thanks anyway.

Adam Pribyl

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