[Test-Announce] Preupgrade Test Day 2010-09-02 Recap

He Rui rhe at redhat.com
Mon Sep 6 08:22:52 UTC 2010


Many thanks for the ones who attended this test day, though we don't
have much attendance, the general tests for preupgrade have been nicely
covered with its bugs filed and verified.  

The common issue testers encountered during preupgrade has been
identified to be an anaconda bug:

624971 CLOSED NEXTRELEASE - Kernel argument with "UUID=" is not honored
629245 DUPLICATE OF 624971 - install,img saved in /boot/upgrade/ but
searched in /boot/images

Preupgrade bugs include:

629738 NEW  - preupgrade ignores --help/--version
629745 NEW  - preupgrade exit status should reflect failure
629814 NEW  - preupgrade does not account for transaction size when
computing if enough disk space is available
629890 NEW  - Allow automatic restart
592345 ASSIGNED  - preupgrade-1.1.6-1.fc12 adds extra spaces to
grub.conf, results in failed upgrade

If you are interested, a detailed result can be found at the test day

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2010-09-02_Preupgrade


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TEL: 86-010-62608141
IRC nick: rhe #fedora-qa #fedora-zh

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