Proventester request - xulrunner, firefox, gjs bugfix update

Jóhann B. Guðmundsson johannbg at
Fri Feb 11 21:35:28 UTC 2011

On Fri, 2011-02-11 at 15:36 -0500, James Laska wrote:
> Behold, the branch point is upon us!  Once branched, it's no longer a
> free for all.  Time to stabilize the release according to the
> established release criteria [1].  This is especially important while
> attempting to build an Alpha. 

Then perhaps the branch point should be move til beta or we need to
rethink the proventesters process.. 

I looked at the idea loosely when it got proposed and what you need to
do is taking the number of signed up proventesters then figure out how
many of those proventesters are running rawhide as opposed to F14
updates-testing and F13 updates-testing but let's just say that each
proventesters is running all three then, take the amounts of update and
the average time it takes each proventester to install and perform
minimum testing on the component being updated etc. etc. etc. and the
rate we are pulling in proventester yata yata  ( We probably have few
math experts that can lay down the math for this completely and they can
probably also deliver the math of the required amount of proventesters
limited to just the component on the media we hand out to people ) and
I'm no rocket scientist but I soon came to the conclusion that we cant
cover all the component with the rate we are pulling in proventesters
and new components being introduced thus this solution does not scale on
distribution level and rather acts as an obstacle to the development
model we have in place and our end user then a benefit.  

And all of the above is beside the point that I am unable to test any
Gnome desktop app due to mutter constantly causing segfault in my
display driver at this point and I suspect other reporters are in same
or similar shoes. 

Just keep what I mention in the back of your head regarding the
proventester process... 


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