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Tue Feb 22 17:22:44 UTC 2011

Op 22-2-2011 16:51, Bill Nottingham schreef:
> A.J. Werkman (AJ.Werkman at said:
>>> 1.
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>>> 3.
>>> 4.
>> Yes I know. But is the old network startup script not ported to the
>> new systemd? That would mean I am forced to use NetworkManager to
>> start up networking?
> The network script will call NM to control interfaces if NM
> happens to be running. There are some discussions on how NM gets
> autostarted under some conditions where it perhaps shouldn't be
> that are still being resolved.
> Bill

In my testing I noticed, that if NM is not running, the network scripts 
gives an error message. According to your respons, what should actually 
happen is that the network is started without NM?


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