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#154: Tracker: critical path test case creation
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Comment (by jlaska):

 Replying to [comment:28 bruno]:
 > I have tried to create a test for squashfs-tools at:
 > Does it look reasonable? Most of it is running a test script and making
 sure it doesn't print any "failed" messages.

 Ooh, nothing speaks better than examples! :)  Some comments...

  1. Bruno, where is upstream for this test script?  Does it live anywhere
 else?  If not, I'd recommend uploading that test script to the wiki as a
 file.  Either way, you might want to link to it for download, rather than
 including it inline.  I've made a few changes along these lines, you just
 need to upload and link to the script now.
  2. I suspect you've done so already, but a determination whether this is
 critpath for squashfs-tools, or core.  This would impact which Category
 you use.
  3. I'm not super familiar with squashfs-tools, so perhaps a bit more
 wording in the ''description'' on how this test fits into the big picture
 for squashfs-tools?  I've re-organized some of your content along these
 lines, feel free to adjust as needed.
  4. Perhaps include some examples of good test results, and/or an example
 of bad test results in the ''results'' section?

 As noted above, I made a few adjustments to the test case.  Of course,
 feel free to adjust/revert as you see fit.

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