What has happened to desktop icons in rawhide?

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Tue Jan 25 16:01:00 UTC 2011

Rahul Sundaram (metherid at gmail.com) said: 
> > But it doesn't make any sense. gnome-panel does *not* require
> > gnome-shell. We really shouldn't just go around abusing dependencies to
> > make upgrades 'work', even if it is convenient.
> I think users upgrading from a previous release can continue to get the
> fallback mode unless they do a group installation or try to install
> GNOME Shell specifically.

How so? When we included KDE 4, we didn't leave users on KDE 3 on

Similarly, when a user has GNOME installed (and yes, the gnome-panel
is GNOME), and they upgrade, they'll get the current version of GNOME.
And that's GNOME Shell.


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