Instalatron: Anaconda testing framework

Sergio Rubio rubiojr at
Wed Jul 20 12:50:41 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 11:23 AM, Hongqing Yang <hoyang at> wrote:
> Hi, Sergio,

Hi Hongqing,

> Thanks for sharing. Now I and Tao Wu are working on the project Fedora installation test automation.
> The project is based on the Autotest framework and part of the AutoQA project.
> Now it is using qemu-kvm and the test results are read from the logs. The installations from url,
> DVD, hard drive and upgrade are almost finished, we try to implement all the tests roughly first, so we can
> use them at the usual tests, more details will be done later.
> I think we also will adopt screen-shot in future, since we cannot see the errors of UIs from logs.

I'm eagerly waiting to have a look at that project. Any ETA or
something that I can have a look at?

> I saw you compare the images in the codes, but which are images should the screen-shots compare with
> when one new product is released?

If Anaconda UI has not changed a lot, you can just copy the script
from a previous recording (say F15) and replace the relevant steps in
script.yml (i.e. replacing the png and/or altering the keyboard
sequence). Usually 90% of the script can be reused and you only need
to change the steps where the UI has changed.

I'm writing some docs about this, it's a great use case.

> Thanks again, I leaned much from you codes, You are the first one I meet also works on the installation
> test. Glad to know you.

My pleasure.

> Hongqing

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