Any hope for system-config-services ?

Bryn M. Reeves bmr at
Thu Jul 21 22:10:27 UTC 2011

On 07/21/2011 10:26 AM, agraham wrote:
> On 07/20/2011 09:31 AM, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>> On 07/20/2011 11:53 AM, Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R wrote:
>>> Since F15 this does not seem able to enable httpd or
>>> anything as far as I can tell.  "enable" and "disable"
>>> are greyed out.
>>> How is one expected to manage Fedora as a server
>>> if services can not be enabled?
>> Typically Fedora isn't used a server and such server instances would use
>> systemctl anyway.  systemadm is a gui but I guess needs a contributor to
>> help
>> Rahul
> "Typically Fedora isn't used a server"
> Really?

Well, it's working pretty well for me on my NAS and dhcp/tftp/nameserver/general
boxes at home.

Ymmv but I've been using Fedora on servers since FC1 - I might chose another
distribution for things that I want to deploy long-term or for special cases
like my router but personally (and given the way I manage the boxes at home) I
don't have any major problems.

Yes, there is change and yes, I will sometimes need to learn new things but in
general the skills I gain figuring out a change in Fedora soon become useful on
a much broader range of distros (that's something that's been true all the way
back to Red Hat Linux to be honest).


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