sceeching sound when playing music files

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Sun May 1 00:37:08 UTC 2011

Dear folks,

I had a good working Fedora 13 x86_64 that I thought to myself why not update it to Fedora 15 Beta and I did.  I erased everything[Linux/Fedora lvm] and did a clean install kept dual boot situation.  I configured it and updated it to yesterday's updates.  I tried to play some mp3 files I had saved on an external drive and when I tried to play them I had a screeching sound :(, This did not happen before.  The same files play fine in windows and using livecds like porteus live x86_64.  I *wonder* what is happening.  I had this happen also on a laptop running Fedora 15 KDE also fully updated.  Is there something that has changed alsa version seems to be or similar?  I do not know who/what/which program to blame for this screeching sound :(

Any advice/suggestions/comments are appreciated.



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