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Adam Pribyl pribyl at
Wed May 4 13:01:11 UTC 2011

On Sun, 1 May 2011, Tom Horsley wrote:

> So, I've written up my suggestion for fedora fonts.
> Executive summary: copy ubuntu fonts.
> Details:


to me the last ubuntu font shows a raibow around the letters. This means 
to me, that it is using kind of RGB/BRG subpixel hinting, while Fedora you 
are showing is using only gray scale antialiasing and is pretty fine for 
me. So definitely I have to say that Ubuntu setup you show is not feasible 
for me - well my monitor. And this is all about it - monitor, dpi and .. 
personal preference. Some people prefere to have one pixel sharp bitmap 
fonts as they are/were often on WXP etc. This is up to you to tune it for 
YOUR need. This is mostly not about font itself, even thou there is one 
problem that deserves attention
that is probably hitting F15 too.

Adam Pribyl

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