GNOME Shell frippery for grumpy old stick-in-the-muds

Ron Yorston rmy at
Sun May 8 19:29:51 UTC 2011

Leslie S Satenstein wrote:

>I see that you were able to activate System Tools. This menu entry
>does not appear in the fallback mode. It does appear in alacarte (Menu
>editor), along with a preferences menu. But there are many items in the
>preferences menu that are not available in Fallback mode. In
>particular, I did not find gnome screensaver preferences. Does your
>patch fix this problem?

I'm afraid not.  The gnome-screensaver-preferences application has gone
in F15.  I think the idea is to have stuff like this in the System
Settings application rather than the System menu. Some preferences seem
not to have made the transition.

>Here is one Problem I have been facing. Favourite applications on the
>panel, once placed, are unable to be removed. I have 2 copies of
>FreeCell (during System Updates, I play FreeCell) and I cannot remove
>either launcher from the panel.

Is this in fallback mode?  I only tried it briefly using the Beta Live CD.
I was unable to get launchers in the panel to work properly.  Reported as
Bugzilla #697306.


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