For ALL BugZappers: bugzilla-triage-scripts 1.0RC1 ... please test

Matej Cepl mcepl at
Mon May 9 16:05:05 UTC 2011

Hi, all my beloved BugZappers!

If you have Firefox >= 4.0.1 (either in Fedora 15, from spot's F13/F14 
repo at, or using the 
upstream binary from, please try to 
and let me know how it works for you.

If you encounter ANY issues (or you have some requests for 
enhancements), please, let me know at (in declining level of awesomness):

  * (use 
Fedora login/password)
  * #fedora-bugzappers on Freenode IRC
  * mcepl at redhat dot com email

I will try to fix all issues ASAP, and if nothing very serious happens 
to release 1.0 in a week or so.



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