Mock/pungi error - stumped!

mike cloaked mike.cloaked at
Mon May 23 17:38:17 UTC 2011

On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 3:37 PM, James Laska <jlaska at> wrote:

> Hmm, no idea off-hand.  You probably already did this, but double check
> the versions of pungi and lorax being used inside the chroot.  They have
> changed recently, so make sure you are using the latest versions of
> each.  Are you able to upload your mock root.log for review?
> I've also cc'd Martin Gracik who maintains lorax to see if he has any
> debugging tips.

Thanks James - since I posted this I decided to upgrade the build
machine to f14 from f13 (which was an interesting game due to selinux
issues that are now resolved), and I started a new mock chroot, and
then started a build of f15 which ended up exactly as it had done with
the process in the original f13 build machine!

I will look for the mock root.log and quote it when I have had a
chance to retrieve it - I also note that there was a suggestion to add
some extra lines to the .cfg file that defines the mock chroot - and
added those lines to the f13 build machine but it made no difference.
The extra lines were:
"config_opts['plugin_conf']['bind_mount_enable'] = True

Maybe there is something new in the .cfg files needed, or the
kickstart file?  However I pulled the latest f15 .cfg file from git
and only changed the repo definition from the mirrorlist, to a baseurl
with a single site for both the fedora and updates released sections,
and then pulled the fedora-install-fedora kickstart file and again
changed the fedora repo to point to the f15 development repo and added
am f15 updates repo definition as well as making some changes to the
package list - but it behaved the same way and hangs at the same

I will post the log file later when I can ssh back into the machine
and pull the files.

mike c

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