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#261: Revise upgrade test case set
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 Our present upgrade test cases are probably a sub-optimal set. We exercise
 various rarely-used choices - bootloader action, and text upgrade path -
 but don't exercise more common variations, like installed package sets,
 install media, and disk layouts. While we can't commit to supporting
 absolutely any upgrade, we should cover at least some _more_ cases in
 order to catch major fails.

 Based on the experience in F16 and the recommendations in the
 retrospective, I'd suggest we could consider dropping or downgrading the
 importance of some tests, perhaps:

  * QA:Testcase_Anaconda_Upgrade_Skip_Bootloader
  * QA:Testcase_Anaconda_Upgrade_Skip_Bootloader_Text_Mode
  * QA:Testcase_Anaconda_Upgrade_Update_Bootloader_Text_Mode

 and add test cases for all or some of the following scenarios (please add
 any other suggestions as comments):

  * upgrade from image written to USB stick (livecd-iso-to-disk)
  * upgrade with KDE (and possibly Xfce and LXDE as 'optional' test cases)
  * upgrade an EFI install (see also https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-
 qa/ticket/256 for organizational issues here)
  * upgrade with bootloader on first partition (not MBR)
  * upgrade with separate /usr , /home and /var partitions
  * upgrade a RAID install

 This should be completed ideally by Fedora 17 Alpha phase, and definitely
 by Beta phase (when upgrade issues become blockers).

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