is the name ok (my reply a bit long)

Frank Murphy frankly3d at
Fri Apr 6 18:36:31 UTC 2012

On 06/04/12 18:24, george2 wrote:
  of the release name will not offend women, parents,
> and many who are spiritual or profess a religion?
> No mater how liberal a guy I might be, this expresses a concern for how
> open source might be perceived by the general public.
> Even if these pictures and words were done in fun, isn't the association
> now caustic.

The only way to do that is not to have a name.
Because there will always be someone to get offended.

At times some common sense has to be used.

For Instance:
Where I live Waterford City, Ireland.
There are many common expressions,
that contain the word "Boy"
"Hey boy, how's it going"
"Ok boy"
"Well boy"

Link to just give a hint of normal day chat.
Similar can be heard in St' Johns, Newfoundland, Canada.
Where many a Deise guy/gal brought their blas.

Now just imagine the scene less than a decade ago,
when the first people of African decent started to
arrive in the town and county.

yes, the racist card was brought out.
But if someone takes offence at something that has been in
vogue for countless generations. That's their problem.
At times the offence or indeed perceived offence is purely in the
eye\ear of the listener, or the naive do-gooder.

Personally if I say something, and someone takes umbrage.
my reply is not "I sincerely apologise for unknowingly or 
unintentionally offending you in whatever manner"
It's "Build a bridge, get over it"

"Jack of all, fubars"

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