How to install some software that requires Python 2.6 and rejects 2.7?

Matej Cepl mcepl at
Tue Apr 17 17:42:04 UTC 2012

On 16.4.2012 16:19, Matej Cepl wrote:
> Sorry, I was busy with some other work so I am now only ploughing
> through fedora.testers ... scribes.src.rpm is completely unmaintained, I
> have in a burst of optimism fixed it work with RHEL-6, but I don't use
> it on day-to-day basis anymore. If anybody wants to take over
> maintenance of scribes-nightly (or more than half-yearly ;)) I would
> love to remove my src.rpm. Please, contact the upstream which points to
> my URL on his webpage (which was the only reason I kept it there).

Actually I have tried to rebuild scribes on my current installation of 
Linux and it doesn't work anymore ... amount of Gnome2 stuff I would 
have to rebuild is so long I won't do it.

I am going to ask upstream to remove the link from his site, because it 
is broken and I cannot fix it (python 2.6 v. 2.7 combined with gnome 2 
v. gnome 3). Pick up this package, if you want to have it.



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