Draft SOP for requesting TCs/RCs

Kamil Paral kparal at redhat.com
Thu Apr 19 12:43:16 UTC 2012

> We did have a few different bright ideas, but they're all rather
> bigger
> changes that might be better off being discussed separately from this
> SOP.
> So how about this: what if we put the current draft into production
> but
> entirely leave out the paragraph about doing a TC release after an RC
> release, so the SOP just doesn't cover the case at all? That would at
> least document current practice reasonably well.
> Then I'll try and find some time to synthesize all the ideas that
> came
> later in this thread, about revising TC/RC naming and so on, and
> maybe
> go back in time as well because I recall some similar proposals being
> made on devel a year or so back. I'll try and come up with some kind
> of
> comprehensive proposal covering all those ideas, in terms of actually
> revising the process itself. This SOP proposal was really just
> intended
> to be a document _describing_ current practice, I didn't have
> changing
> the practice in mind when writing it.
> If that sounds okay to everyone, I'll put the SOP minus the
> controversial paragraph into 'production' tomorrow, and then work on
> the
> new 'change the process' proposal when I can. Thanks!


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