gnome-boxes is broken? what about qemu?

Kashyap Chamarthy kashyapc at
Fri Apr 20 09:59:57 UTC 2012

On 04/20/2012 10:46 AM, cornel panceac wrote:
> One of the things that sounds interesting in the new fedora is gnome-boxes. However, every
> attempt i've made to boot a live cd (tiny core linux) in gnome-boxes, failed (nothing in
> journal). I've figured that i can try this also in qemu and so i discovered qemu is not
> installed. After installing, attempts to run qemu failed. rpm -ql qemu shows (no installed
> files). What is going on here? Is the qemu spec broken? Things have changed and i just
> haven't found out about it? Or, is gnome-boxes working for you? Maybe qemu?

In the last couple of days, I did a quick try:

what worked :

- I'm able to create a new 'box' and boot an F17 live iso image
- Was able to delete the just created 'box'

What's not working for me:

- Attempt to install the live-os to hard-disk fails w/ memory constraint (it sees only 500
MB of it, while we need more than 720 MB. But I wasn't able to specify the memory anywhere
though) .
	- side note: I have plenty of memory on the host.

- UI is often  unresponsive and wouldn't let me do anything. I try to go back, and go to
the centralized view, it hangs and segfaulted once for me:

[ 3085.175514] gnome-boxes[4367]: segfault at 18 ip 000000365ac11d2b sp 00007ffffa175bf0
error 4 in[365ac00000+1a000]

Once I get more time, will have to debug a little more & file a bug.



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