F17 and data loss

sixpack13 sixpack13 at online.de
Fri Apr 27 17:21:17 UTC 2012


according to this:

I need your help !!!

As you can read in my bug report:

I ddrescued the disc and with foremost I scratched 116.000 files from it...

a "cat /dev/sdb | grep <something>" shows some/most of the files with 
complete pathes are still on the disc !!!

This makes me think: maybe there is an easy way to unchange/recover the 
org. disk layout (1 partition whole disk, ext4) and files.

But I don't know how to do that; I won't treat this disk further.


Is there someone out there to help me with this problem [easer (as to 
"visual grep" throught all 116.000 files, rename and sort them by hand)]

- shit happens !
- leave your backup disks unplugged during installation !!!


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