Fedora 18 issues with translations and keymaps

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Thu Jan 3 09:42:38 UTC 2013

On Thu, 2013-01-03 at 09:23 +0000, "J├│hann B. Gu├░mundsson" wrote:
> On 01/03/2013 08:03 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> > Hey, folks. I'm not really sure how to frame it, but the result of all
> > my poking about at keyboard layout bugs and related stuff recently is
> > that I'm pretty sad at the state of support for
> > anything-but-U.S.-English in Fedora 18.
> <snip>...</snip>
> >
> > I don't really know where we need to go with this, exactly, but a few
> > questions arise naturally:
> >
> > 1. In the short term, is the combination of all these factors enough for
> > us to want to delay F18 further to try and make things suck less?
> >
> > 2. If not, do we want to engage in some Messaging around the F18 release
> > to emphasize that we know there are all these issues and we'll try to
> > smooth things out for F19?
> >
> > 3. In the longer term, how can we get anaconda, i18n, systemd, GNOME etc
> > folks all pointed in the same direction and working so that there's far
> > less suckage and far more smooth interaction going on here? Should we
> > try and run some sort of session at FUDCon?
> >
> > Thanks, folks!
> Given that Fesco aggreed upon and thinks releasing F19 with shorter 
> cycle is a great idea while I along with others in the community are on 
> the opposite side and think we need longer release cycle.
> Our package collection has been growing larger over the years not 
> shorter which to me requires more time and resources to manage thus we 
> longer release cycle not shorter one.
> Based on our sad state in F18 I think we should just cut our losses and 
> "restart" the release cycle for F18  and use the release cycle Fesco 
> agreed upon for F19 as in F18 becomes an end-of-May release with an 
> end-of-February branch date.

I really didn't want this to turn into a release philosophy thread, the
question was limited strictly to a 'how bad do we really think these
keymap issues are' thing.
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