Nvidia Drivers

Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R caf at omen.com
Mon Jan 7 15:33:30 UTC 2013

On 01/07/2013 04:16 AM, Lawrence Graves wrote:
> Nvidia drivers aren't working with the new kernel update.
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> All things are workable but don't all things work. Prov. 3:5 & 6
Just now I installed the 310 Nvidia driver on RC1 on my office machine
without problems.  I changed "rhgb quiet" to "nomodeset 3 text" before
booting.  Running 3.6.10-4.fc18.x86-64 which is the latest according to
yum update,

Had to install tigervnc manually - it used to be included!
Still can't get Wine to install - it used to be included also.

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