Rawhide 3.15

Fidel Leon fidelleon at mykolab.com
Sat Apr 5 15:03:45 UTC 2014

On Saturday 05 April 2014 07:52:56 Adam Williamson wrote:

> > I've reported such issue yesterday in the Kernel mailing list.
> Thanks for reporting it. It's not necessarily the same issue, though, so
> Chuck should check his separately. Of course many things can prevent the
> system booting properly.

Yes, of course, I was just giving my two cents as Chuck's incident looked (so) 
similar as mine.

> This is a very unstable point of the kernel cycle, remember: these
> kernels aren't even rc1 yet. So it's not unexpected that there might be

In fact, I'm running Rawhide in a computer I could live without - updates-
testing in a more production-like box. It was a kind surprise seeing that rc0 
but I also monitor LKML and I know things are pretty unstable.

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