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Thu Jun 24 09:06:13 UTC 2004

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On Thursday 24 June 2004 05:26, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> Hi Youcef,
> I can indeed confirm that you have been involved in the Arabic
> translation thing, 

Ah, finally, someone ;) The thing is that we are *still* involved in it ;) 
Last sunday (or Saturday) I did some commits. 

Thank you for confirming :-)

> but what you are missing here is that the 
> Fedora translation project has no coordinator, no maintainer.
> Ok? You can't just jump up and say "I am the coordinator."  

Actually it has, and you can apply to it via the web interface...

> If 
> someone's making troubles for you as a contributor, then Red Hat
> people would love to help you resolve the problem, but before
> that, you are simply not different from any other possible
> contributor which may show up at any time.  

Not sure. You mean there's no difference between someone who jumps in and put 
his name there because a new system has just been installed and the field was 
blank and between a team who did 90% of the translation in the last weeks and 
which is *still* translating ? ;)

> So please understand, 
> unlike many other project, this one's not about human factor,
> credits, blah blah.  PO headers are not about that either,
> because they just document the *last* translator.  

No, the PO headers list *all* the translators, not only the last one. So 
everyone get their credits.

About the 'human factor': when a new system is installed, it should consider 
what was already in place in terms of who was doing what. If someone comes by 
chance and fills a blank field because the system is very recent (and the 
community is not even aware of such a change yet), then the responsible 
should say, 'OK sorry, but there's already a team translating, why not 
contact them first ?'.

> It's not about 
> credit.  You did all the translation, thank you; you're welcome.
> That's all.

I'm not asking more than that. But if you do all of the translation and 
someone says thank you to someone else than you, then there's a problem ;)

> behdad (who has not done any translation on Fedora [yet])



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