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Sun Jun 27 03:35:24 UTC 2004

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On Saturday 26 June 2004 13:48, Sarah Wang wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have requested a new mailing list fedora-trans-ar to be set up for
> everyone who is involved in Arabic translation for Fedora project. It
> will be announced in this list as soon as it's available.

Actually, there is a mailing list where we are already discussing Arabic 
specific issues (doc at arabeyes dot org), available publicly (with archives 
and all). That's why I never asked for a specific fedora list to be created, 
though there are more than 5 people involved.

> Fedora-trans-list is used to discuss general Fedora translation issues.
> For language specific issues please move to individual language list. If
> you would like to have your own language mailing list, please contact me
> offline. When I get 5 or more requests I will request to have a separate
> list set up. The first person contact me will be the default list
> maintainer.

Though many recent posts concerned Arabic (well, Arabeyes...), I think the 
main issue is a _very_ general one and is not specific to any language. 
Please refer to my answer(s) to Bernd and Behdad for more details.

I think answering clearly this issue, making it public on the website for 
future reference, will close the thread.

> Regards,
> Sarah


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