Improving of i18n zone (as a Re: List of deprecated packages)

umesh rudrapatna urudrapatna at
Wed Jul 5 16:42:31 UTC 2006

> If this list is correct, this files should be
> removed ASAP. There are other teams that work hard,
> and (judging to my personal feelings) have a great >
pride over their work. I just saw there are three  >
teams with 0-0 translations. Well done guys! I hope >
I will join you for official release of FC6 :)

oh no.. I belong to one such 0-0 teams. Unfortunately,
we have not uploaded our files (only 3 in no still).
We are a new team (kn_IN) and were just testing the
stuff we had translated. One among them was
anaconda_help. It is slightly discouraging to hear
that it wont be of much help apart from building the
dictionary. At least we got to know that. Thanks for
letting us know the same Renato PaviÄić.


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