Pikloops localization

Christian Rose menthos at menthos.com
Thu Jul 19 17:51:17 UTC 2007

On 7/19/07, Alain PORTAL <aportal at univ-montp2.fr> wrote:
> Le Thursday 19 July 2007 17:08:27 Christian Rose, vous avez écrit:
> > On 7/19/07, Alain PORTAL <aportal at univ-montp2.fr> wrote:
> > > Le Thursday 19 July 2007 15:58:31 Magnus Larsson, vous avez écrit:
> > > > Sorry if I don't understand, but what does this have to do with Fedora?
> > >
> > > PikLoops is in the Fedora repository and I request for translators.
> > > Where is the problem?
> >
> > Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but PiKLoops
> > (http://pikloops.tripod.com/) seems to be a KDE application aimed at a
> > very specific purpose; generating assembly time delays.
> Yes it is.
> > It does not
> > seem connected to any Fedora or Red Hat tools in any obvious way.
> I never said that!

But you posted this to fedora-trans-list.

> > Thus, I think that Magnus' question is very relevant.
> I'm not sure, I just ask for translators.
> > There are other translation projects that are specifically targeted at
> > offering a generic translation infrastructure for software projects,
> > like for example the Translation Project
> > (http://translationproject.org/).
> Translation effort loose several french translators because FSF didn't answer
> to the DISCLAIMER sent since near one year...

The reason the Translation Project appeared to stop accepting any new
paper disclaimers was because the FSF moved offices, and the new
tenant at the old address started throwing away all mail addressed to
the FSF, without telling anyone. Not very helpful on their part, but
nothing much to do now. If you sent your paper disclaimer in this time
frame and did not get any answer, please send it again using the
updated contact information in the updated disclaimer at

Furthermore, the Translation Project has recently seen new hosting
changes, with new servers and location
(http://lists.imendio.com/pipermail/tp-sv/2007-July/002091.html). All
in all, many past issues seem to have been addressed.

> > Does the Fedora Localization Project
> > need to duplicate that effort?
> I NEVER ask the FLP to manage PikLoops translation!
> I JUST ask for translators.
> Is the list too flooded that I can't request for help?

What if everyone did "request for help" for unrelated software? Better
use the appropriate forum from the start.


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