F11 release notes ready for translation

Domingo Becker domingobecker at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 18:36:26 UTC 2009

>> One reason could be that release notes are more difficult to translate
>> from release to release. Now it's less "what's new and what's really
>> important", and more "describe *every* new or updated package, even if
>> it's used only by small group of people". So we have more and more
>> strings, using words almost impossible to understand by regular
>> translators (what the hell is "flattening the netlist" or "drill
>> handling" and why the typical user should care?). And there are much
>> more of that kind, even more cryptic to us. Do we *really* need this? Is
>> the big AmateurRadio section read by anyone else then radio amateurs?
>> With all the respect, I don't think they are significant part of our
>> community.

I don't agree.
I think it's necessary to document those changes, in a summary at least.
Migration information is important too.
If there are phrases the team doesn't understand, should be left in
English. Someone will surely file a bug with the correct translation.
It encourages other people to get involved.

>> Smaller release notes containing only information for majority of users
>> would be easier to translate and understand (also for native English
>> users!), resulting in wider audience.

But then, where will that information go? the wiki?
It should be somewhere! It's useful.

>> It would be also easier to
>> collaborate and maintain release notes.

I guess we have so many untranslated string because of the change to
publican. It looks like release notes has been rewritten entirely.

+1 to the untranslated section mark.
Translations should be used even if they are 30%.
I usually translate first the information useful for the majority of
users, then the rest.

But now, is release notes read by all new users?
I don't think so. But it doesn't make it less important.
It should be read by users upgrading from previous releases, and I
think anaconda advices to do so.

Having the release notes this way we have now, makes users take
conscience of how big the changes are since the last release, no more
than 6 months ago. You don't see this amount of improvements in other

Maybe a summary, but please keep up the good quality it used to have.
Just my 2 cents.

Domingo Becker (es)

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