German translation of system-config-firewall

Thomas Woerner twoerner at
Tue Sep 22 10:09:11 UTC 2009


as the maintainer of system-config-firewall, I have ongoing problems 
with german translations in this tool.

In german there is no matching word for "trusted". The translation 
"vertraut" means "familiar" or "close", but not "trusted"! In the german 
language we are using "Trusted Computing" as a fixed term, because you 
can not have a short term explaining it correctly. Therefore I am also 
using "trusted" for services and interfaces.

Every few weeks some translators are replacing the word "trusted" with 
"vertraut". Can you please stop doing this?

I would appreciate if you are changing all occurrences of "vertraut" 
back to "trusted".

Thanks in advance,

PS: Maybe also other languages are affected by this problem, but I can 
not check that.

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