Web F13 mistake??

Zoltan Hoppar hopparz at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 04:07:13 UTC 2010


What is in the header? Surely this is the latest file? Or just was the wrong
one pulled to translation?

2010/4/27 Chrisito <zhipg22 at gmail.com>

> I was checking the file fedora-web.master-fedoraproject.es.po and I found
> this line:
> "To access this support launch Fedoras default instant messaging client,
> Pidgin, and ..."
> Is Pidgin the default IM, I thought that it was switched to Empathy since
> F12. Is this a mistake or it was switched back again to Pidgin?
> In case this is a mistake, It should be reported to web developers since
> the mistake is in the English file, yet I dont know how to perform this
> task.
> Kind regards
> Christian Ponce
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