Strings not translatable under master-spins-fedoraproject

shaiton shaiton at
Sat Jul 17 18:03:09 UTC 2010

Hi there,

Anyone could please mark some strings as translatable for the main page[1]?
We could not translate the short description of each spin on the main page
(for example: "A complete, modern desktop built using the K Desktop
Environment (KDE).")

An other query.. Could you change the picture at the top of the main page,
"Explore Fedora's possibilities"[2] as text which could be translated? The
same for "Download Now!" button which could be seen for each spin page[3].
And just bellow it, there is another string not translatable... "54K Torrent
File for 32-bit PC ISO (698.00 MB)".

Last strings found to be not translatable are on the support page[4] -
"Creating Spins" section: description of each links are not translatable
(eg. "steps to create and use a Live CD").


Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

Kévin Raymond
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