Self-Introduction: Petr Pisar, Czech

Petr Pisar ppisar at
Wed Jun 9 14:16:26 UTC 2010

Hello everbody,

I'd like to join Fedora translation effort. My profile follows:

Name: Petr Pisar (Petr Písař in native form)
Login: ppisar
Language: Czech
About Me:
    Besides programming skills (free time and on paid base), I have long
    term experience with software localazation into Czech language. I'm member
    of Czech GNU Translation Project team
    <> (bash, coreutils etc.) and
    I translate other packages too (e.g. audacious, djview4).
I and the Fedora Project:
    I maintain few base system packages (e.g. quota, sharutils) and
    co-maintain a lot of perl packages in Fedora. I'd like to improve Czech
    localization of some Fedora projects. I aim to `abrt' currently.
PGP Key: 0x7130CC72, hash is 8B15 3BED 928A C8CA 6243  CCE9 B91E 1FE2 7130 CC72

-- Petr
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