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Tim Waugh twaugh at
Fri May 14 09:39:30 UTC 2010


I'd like to mark some strings for translation in system-config-printer,
and to add localization to one part.  These are the strings returned
from CUPS to describe devices, such as "Window Printer via SAMBA" (this
string actually comes from samba-client), "Internet Printing Protocol
(ipp)", "LPD/LPR Host or Printer" etc.

These are strings which are already shown to the user untranslated, and
at least one of these strings (the samba one) already has a translation
available as the same string is used elsewhere in system-config-printer.

The overall result is a slight improvement in localization (one extra
string that previously showed untranslated will now use the existing
translation), and the possibility for better localization when a handful
of extra strings are translated.

Of course, at this stage, none of this will be in Fedora 13 until/unless
an update is issued.


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