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Hi Fedoreans!

My name is Jesús Franco and i'm a teacher in a k12 school in a suburb of
Mexico City. My interest in Fedora as the best distro for education
begun a year ago when i met for first time Sugar on a Stick. I'm user of
free software since 4 years ago, and i have collaborated mainly in
translations for

Now, in my work for developing course materials for the Sixth Meeting of
Free Education, Culture and Software EDUSOL 2010, i have started to
contributing to the Fedora community with translations of Release Notes,
and several pages in the wiki.

My purpose in this email to you, is starting a discussion about how
could we use (and develop documentation) Fedora for introduction to
literacy informatics, not for children only, but adults too. The ICT's
are transforming all the education panorama, since they are letting
think in new ways, and sharing with enhanced flexibility the knowledge.
We don't need just OLPC, we need too Tutors for adults ;)

We have two Fedora spins aimed "specifically" to education, Fedora-Edu
and Sugar Live. I'm very interested on using Sugar for adults'
education, and i started a page reflecting my own experience. . But i wanted
to share this with these Fedora communities, with the hope of reaching
other educators concerned in those population groups.

I'd like to having too the support of some translators in translating
some Sugar documentation yet done in to spanish, and as
contribution of the project "Instalar no es suficiente" to Fedora,
translating to english some materials for a LXDE-spin guide. You see,
i'm not perfect writing in english, even when i translate from english
to spanish. I've seen some mails in docs/trans lists about contributing
documentation non written originally in English, but translating to
English for letting others translators communities reaching the contribs
from LATAM/Spanish fedora people.

Excuse me for cross-posting this time to several lists, i think is
worthy do like this for starting the discussion, but i'll just continue
writing inside the lists that answer to this challenge.

In solidarity,
Jesus (tezcatl) Franco
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