Transifex big issues

Kévin Raymond shaiton at
Fri Jan 28 12:04:21 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 12:31 PM, Andrea Veri <av at> wrote:
> Il giorno 28/gen/2011, alle ore 09.44, Kévin Raymond ha scritto:
>> Yes we know. This is mainly a database problem (sometimes it works
>> perfectly, wow!!!).
>> Our transifex instance (v.0.7) is in an upgrade stage (to v.0.9.1). We
>> have no idea when the upgrade will be done, nor when the staging
>> instance would be usable.
> well, I am not really sure this update will happen at some point since
> I was following a talk on #fedora-admin yesterday night about the
> possibility to move to shutting down our service.
> (the main cause is that transifex do *not* have a maintainer at the moment and
> moreover the transition from 0.9 to 1.0 seems to be hard to make effective)

sad news

>> How did you get the git commit access? MrTom (thomas) has requested
>> this access for a long time, and are still waiting for it...
> I've explained my frustration about me losing hours before trying to commit
> a single .po file and I asked for a git access. I would suggest that one/two guys
> per translation team should ask for the access and commit translations for the
> whole team until a solution has been found. (who knows when and how)

yes, that was asked few months ago.
Lucky man for having gained access so fast :)

Kévin Raymond (shaiton)

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