Proposal: New Fedora Localization Guide

noriko noriko at
Thu Jun 23 04:39:54 UTC 2011

> - The guide was put on the Wiki instead of publican. This will allow us to
>   maintain it live, with more people, more content & translations.
> - I suggest to completely remove the docs-based TQSG and focus on having only
>   one guide. This will avoid confusion and the content will always be updated.

Translators who are interested in editing/updating TQSG are always 
welcomed. What you need is just to join docs team and apply docs-writers 
group for obtaining right permission. He/she is also able to publish the 
English version just updated straight away in html/pdf, by applying 
docs-publishers group.

Translators are able to translate up-to-date POs via transifex. Any 
translator who is the member of docs-publishers group can also publish 
the translated version whenever he/she likes.


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