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Roman Spirgi

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*About Me*:
I'm Swiss citizen and my year of *manufacture* was 1974. Many upgrades since
then but there are still some bugs left ;)

I started with linux a few years ago after realizing that I was using more
and more open source software on my proprietary operating system. Firefox,
Thunderbird, Gimp, SeaMonkey, VLC, OpenOffice, Audacity and others conquered
my desktop PC at home. Back then I thought why not trying an open source
operating system as well and said goodbye to MacOS X and Windows.

Currently I'm working as a Customer Support engineer for an international
RFID company. At the beginning of my career I was teacher but lost my
patience to work with teenagers, so I moved on :) As I read through the
german version of the Fedora website I thought that the german tranlation
team could need some help ...

You and the Fedora Project: It's a very early stage of relationsship by now
*GPG KEYID and fingerprint:*
pub   2048R/238165FC 2011-05-19
      Schl.-Fingerabdruck = 38DD F5A4 8078 0838 03FB  7F82 3C85 7105 2381
uid                  Roman Spirgi <rspirgi at> <rspirgi at>
sub   2048R/250DC388 2011-05-19

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