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Kévin Raymond shaiton at
Tue Nov 13 19:11:04 UTC 2012

> There is a "release"  feature on the Transifex management page. I didn't
> want to break from SOP, but if it does what I think it should, perhaps we
> should use it in the future.  I'll test it out on the technical notes later
> today.

It does not work like you would expect.

We already have 4 releases:
 * Fedora Documentation
 * Fedora Websites
 * Fedora Uptream Projects
 * Fedora Main

The "release" is updated MANUALLY by the Fedora Project Hub maintainers. I used
to do it time to times. But it is really slow (you need to add each ressource
one by one using the online interface)...
Don't expect it to be up to date.

Currently, a translator has 2 ways to find ressources from a specific project:
 * Checking the project itself, like[1]. Here for example some ressources are
   out to date. But at least it features them all.
 * He can get it from a specific release. Like the Fedora Documentation for
   example at[2]. But this could clearly be outdated as the maintainer (me for
example, as well as you Petr) does not know if there are updated if he is not
watching the project. And clearly, we can't watch them all. The project
maintainer has to ask us to update the release. But they don't. Sometimes I am
asking the docs maintainers. Sometimes. (I would love to be able to update that
through the transifex client tool).
One translator can also find all the ressources from the release, by clicking on
a specific ressource and then clicking on it's title to reach the main project.
Example by clicking on any ressource file at[3] as if we would like to translate
it, we can reach the main project at the top of the opened div (box) in the
title "Ressource: Fedora Release Notes » Amateur_Radio » English".

IMHO which is safer and better is to clean the project before.

[2] (but it is
linked at the bottom of

Kévin Raymond
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