Release notes on Transifex: up to date? Process behind

Jérôme Fenal jfenal at
Mon Oct 28 07:36:29 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Sorry for cross-posting, but both lists are concerned.

Can you please check if the resources published on Tx for the Release
Notes are up to date.
I still have English strings when building them.

Would you rather see daily updates to resources to translate on
Transifex, with a risk of having daily a count of new/modified/dumped
strings, or weekly updates, with a greater risk of having lots of
new/modified/dumped strings?

Both have their pros and cons, I personally strongly believe in the
"Release early, release often" motto.
As a translator, for sure I would see some of yesterday's work (mine)
be dumped, or not entirely (thanks to TM), but in a manageable way.
People would also be able to build a localized version of the doc, and
proofread it. Easier to spot issues in the final doc, and much more
enjoyable to read that strings.

So I would really like to have a daily process in place to track git
modifications for the Release Notes, which I use for the FreeIPA
Management Guide (using the attached script).

Your thoughts?

Jérôme Fenal
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