Self-Introduction: Isaac Rooskov - Zanata Product Manager

Isaac Rooskov irooskov at
Thu Sep 5 22:42:28 UTC 2013

Hi Kévin,

I have to be honest that our documentation is something that has been 
lacking of late. Currently the place to go is here:

Documentation is one of our large focus areas at the moment, and we will 
have more extensive and updated docs out in the next month. Once that 
occurs I'll send an updated link out for whoever may be interested.



On 09/06/2013 06:25 AM, Kévin Raymond wrote:
> [removing @doc from CC]
> Isaac,
> Thanks for your inputs on Zanata. I took time before answering to see
> where the discussion will go.
> (But also because I got trapped in other projects inside Fedora).
> Yes my general idea is to be able for a Fedora translator to find easily
> what he can (should) translate at Zanata.
> I used the word "group" as I can see this feature at the upper menu, but a
> single page gathering all projects would work as well.
> Can you point me to the API documentation? I would like to read the
> feature available. Currently the doc that I found is gone:
> (from the doc page).
> Cheers,

Isaac Rooskov
Supervisor, Localization Services
Product Manager, Zanata
Red Hat

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