Self-Introduction: Francisco, Spanish translator

Francisco Vergara francisco.vergarat at
Mon Oct 12 14:13:51 UTC 2015

   - Name: Francisco Vergara
   - Location: San German, Puerto Rico, United States
   - Login: FAS user-name: patxi
   - Language: Spanish
   - Profession or Student status: Unemployed software dev.
   - About You: Hello, I'm a 25 year old self-taught software
   programmer/engineer. I started studying Civil Engineering at the University
   of Puerto Rico Mayaguez campus, but after 4 years I found that technology
   was my real passion. I am currently unemployed, but that doesn't stop me
   from programming. I love Football(called soccer in the US), i love nature,
   i love socializing and of course programming, specially in C#!
   - You and the Fedora Project: I'm interested in programming, write
   tutorials and probably translate the Wiki.
   - GPG KEYID and fingerprint: 82D5B700
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