Help please (problems with adsl)

KaLeRO poe at
Tue Dec 23 18:07:11 UTC 2003

I'm attempting to connect fedora to internet by adsl. I use rp-pppoe for attempting to connect and, after configuring it by "adsl-setup" command and type "adsl-start", I get a "TIMED OUT" message.
Also, a part of this, if I type "pppd" I get the next message: "pppd: Couldn't load plugin /etc/ppp/plugins/"
And if I type "adsl-status" (another command of rp-pppoe for view the link status) I get the next message:
"adsl-status: Link is down (can't read pppd PID file /var/run/

Anybody knows what's happening with my connection? I really need to connect Fedora Core 1 to internet!, please help me. Thank you.

(PD: Sorry if my english is so bad)
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