Gnome applications crashes frequently

Bob Arendt rda at
Fri Nov 21 15:18:52 UTC 2003

Karsten N. Strand wrote:
> Hi, I recently installed fedora core 1, and have been having a lot of
> problems with what seems like somewhat random crashes of gnome based
> applications.
> This includes epiphany, abiword, evolution, and (the most suicidal of
> them all) nautilus.
> I had gentoo installed before on the same computer (a P4 dell inspiron
> 8200), and while I never experienced any of the above applications as
> rock stable, I'm quite sure they didn't crash this often.
> Is it a possibility that the crashes have something to do with any of
> the gnome libraries included in fedora?
> Btw, one of the bugs I'm experiencing can actually be reproduced some of
> the time. It happens (sometimes) when I save a image in gimp while
> having the folder with the image open in nautilus.
> I will put this in the bugzilla if it's not a dupe, just wondering if
> anyone have had similar problems first.
> With regards,
> Karsten N. Strand
> - Norwegian Linux Community 
You might try running an application under strace and see what it's doing
when it crashes.  See bugzilla for an example:
There's a possibility that it's a fontconfig problem, as described in
this bug.  It affects more than just Mozilla and Epiphany.

Hope this helps     - Bob Arendt

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