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On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 07:28, MJang wrote:
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> > It does not. RHCE/RHCT are based on the enterprise RHL. This was
> > announce when RHL9 came out.
> I suspect that your basic point is correct, that the RHCE/RHCT will soon be based on RHEL 3.
> However, according to the current Red Hat training page, , these programs are "Updated
> for building skills on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Linux 9!"

Which was written when RH9 was released.

Also on that same page:
The validity period for all RHCEs and RHCTs is now officially pegged to
the release of the Enterprise product commercially available at the time
certification was earned, and certification shall be current until after
one (1) major release of the Enterprise product. All RHCEs earned on Red
Hat Linux 7.3 or prior will be considered current until the release of
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES/WS 4. All RHCEs and RHCTs earned on Red
Hat Linux 8.0 or 9 will remain current until the release of Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 5. Validity and current status of an RHCE certificate
will continue to be verified at Certification Central.

Fedora is not Red Hat Linux, so Fedora does not affect RHCE/RHCT.

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