Fedora Core Installation Problem - Partitioning

The Engineer short.circuit at btinternet.com
Sun Apr 4 02:26:58 UTC 2004

Hi Dave,

Firstly, thanks for the reply and for your advice regarding the PM8 incompatability.

Since I placed the message, I again attempted to install FC1, and this time it totally corrupted the partition table on HDD1 !!

Luckily, I had earlier printed out the data from PowerQuest's "PartInfo.exe", and managed to re-program the partition table using "ptedit.exe", which took me ages to complete. Something that I would never recommend to anybody, by the way ! (A VERY STRESSFUL TASK indeed...)

Anyway, I think that I will try using BootMagic next time and place GRUB in the begininng of the Linux Partition - it will be much safer I think.

BTY:  I use to run RH 6.2 and it never damaged the partition table at all - there must be a fault/bug somewhere in FC1 ?


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