Cisco VPN Client 2.6.x

Christopher Ness nesscg at
Mon Apr 5 03:37:44 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 23:26, jludwig wrote:
> I have worked with Cisco stuff and they seem sensitive th the needs of
> Linux and Unix this site has a Linux and Solaris VPN users guide. 
> Maybe some information can be had from them.

Thanks for the link, they say that Cisco does not support the 2.5 series
kernels (which extrapolates to 2.6).  I was hoping that _maybe_ someone
would have a work around or patch to the Cisco code to get it to work.

Worst part is there are no visible errors when installing, it just never
connects to the network.  
Not a very noisy failure at all, in fact I simply thought the VPN
concentrator was down for the first day or so.  :)

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