extend EOL for Red Hat Linux 9?

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 5 23:34:27 UTC 2004

James Ralston said:
>> Either a) go with Fedora Legacy or b) convince another third party
>> to support it (like some are doing for 7.3).
> Three words: embargoed security vulnerabilities.

One word: Progeny
Another possibility is KRUD, but I haven't paid close enough attention to
them to see.

> Red Hat has knowledge of what security vulnerabilities have been
> discovered but not yet made public.  As a result, Red Hat has time to
> prepare relevant security errata and release them on the same day that
> the vulnerabilities are made public.

I see no reason that members of the Fedora Legacy project couldn't become
members of the same trusted list.

> To my knowledge, no current third-party support mechanism (e.g.,
> Fedora Legacy) have access to embargoed security vulnerabilities.

Fedora Legacy may not currently have access to them, but others do.


> Thus, Red Hat providing extended security errata support for RHL9 is
> superior to any other solution.

Consider the schedule for FC2 has been public for a while and Red Hat
isn't jumping to extend EOL.  Besides, people with subscriptions past RHL
9's EOL will have access to RHEL until the end of their subscriptions.

William Hooper

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