Problem using mirrors

Steven Stern subscribed-lists at
Fri Apr 23 00:55:29 UTC 2004

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 07:42:21 +0700, "Ketut Parikesit" <nyenkaden at>

>Dear users,
>I've been trying to set my up2date to use one of the 
>mirrors (like Alexander has been telling us time and time 
>again) but I always receive a "404: file not found" (or 
>something similar to that) message. I did exactly as Alex 
>shows in his article in
>There is an article in that talks about how 
>to handle this error message, but this article tells us to 
>use the main server, not any of the mirror.

The 404s tend to occur as the mirrors sync with the main site.  Either try
another mirror or wait a while.

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