Misbehaving panel

Wart wart at kobold.org
Sun Apr 25 00:29:54 UTC 2004

I just did a fresh install of Fedora Core 1 and applied all of the
latest updates, including gnome-panel-2.4.2-3.  It seems that the
gnome-panel is having problems, though.  If I right-click on the panel
and select "Add to panel -> Drawer" or "Add to panel -> Launcher",
nothing new appears on the panel.  Similarly, if I try to modify the
clock properties (to show the date), the clock doesn't change.

I'm running a NVidia twinview dual head configuration with a panel on
each of the screens.

Is this a known problem with the panel?  Or could it be something wrong
with my setup since I run two panels at the same time?


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