Recommended partitioning scheme

Andrew Konosky TerranAce007 at
Sun Aug 1 04:03:45 UTC 2004

I am thinking that I might download and install the FC3 test on my 
second hard drive and I am wondering what partitioning scheme to use. I 
have read that the recommended partitioning scheme is about a 2gb swap, 
100mb /boot, and whatever size for /, but I have just read some other 
articles saying that /home and /usr should also be mounted on seperate 
partitions so that user data and installed programs can be saved in the 
event a reinstall is necessary.

If the linux kernel is stored on /boot, user data & files on /home, and 
installed programs go to /usr, then how big does / really need to be and 
what data will that partition actually store? I have an 80gb HDD, so 
space is not really an issue, but I am curious as how I should format 
it. How does this look?

Drive 1
swap - 2gb

Drive 2
/boot - 100mb
/home - 20gb
/usr - 20gb
/ - whatever space is left

Also, since I already have a 2gb swap partition on my 1st HDD for my 
current FC2 install, can another linux install on the second  HDD use it 
also (since I can only run one at a time anyway...), or must the swap 
parition be on the same physical drive as the OS?

And yet another question: Are there RPM packages availbe for FC3, or 
will I have to install everything from source? Can the FC2 RPMs that I 
have installed now be compatible?

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